About us

  1. a large browsing mammal of the giraffe family that lives in the rainforests of northern Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire). It has a dark chestnut coat with stripes on the hindquarters and upper legs.


Okapi Coffee was founded in 2016 by long time friends and coffee aficionados Sophia and Kieren. Having watched the growth of the speciality coffee industry in London, Cape Town, New York and other hubs, we had many a discussion over a nice coffee or bottle of wine about how to bring speciality coffee to our adopted hometown of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. A number of coffees, discussions, and bottles of wine later Okapi Coffee was born.

Our aim is to source, roast and brew the perfect cup of coffee. Both founders have a particular affinity for the wonderful African continent, leading to a focus on African green beans. We won’t limit our choices to Africa however, and will source quality fresh beans from micro-farms worldwide.

We ensure that all of our coffee beans, and other products, are sourced from community driven producers, to be sure that our impact on the world is positive from day one. To this end, we donate a percentage of profits to selected charities dedicated to furthering community projects in coffee growing areas.

We roast our coffee in small premises in Auvernier, Switzerland and currently offer subscription or one-off sales of our delicious coffee through market stalls, our website, or direct contact, and and at our coffee shop in Neuchâtel.