Origin of the month – Tanzania AA Mringa Estate

Posted by Okapi Coffee on 11th February 2021 in Uncategorised

When we talk about coffee from Africa, most people are familiar with the East African coffee legends like Ethiopia and Kenya. But what do you know about Kenya’s neighbour, Tanzania?

This might be due to the way the Tanzanian coffee industry has been hampered by plant illness, regulations and exporting bureaucracy and problems in the past. Things are looking up though, and the Tanzanian Coffee Board aims to have 70% of the country’s 100’000 tons placed on specialty markets by 2021 whilst domestic coffee consumption is increasing every year. Tanzania is now a versatile specialty coffee producer with nothing to envy from its better-known neighbours.

Join us to taste this fully washed AA grade Tanzanian coffee from the Mringa Estate, situated on the Southern slopes of Mount Meru in North Tanzania, less than a 100km from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We have chosen a Light City Roast to keep the vibrant and bright grapefruit characteristics and to also bring out some of the smooth and sweet flavours of milk chocolate and biscuits.

Our favorite method for this origin is the V60 pour over served black, but it also packs a punch as a flat white with a double shot of perfectly extracted espresso.

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do, and we would love to hear your feedback!