Weekly Specials

In addition to our usual menu, we offer our fresh, local, and seasonal weekly specials to ensure there is always a new sandwich & salad to discover at Okapi Café!

This week’s specials 17 September 2018:


Parma Ham, Brie, Fruit Chutney & Rucola (Eat-in 12.- / TakeAway 9.50)


 Black Rice, Smoked Salmon, Brocoli, Guacamole, Edamame & Mixed Salad  (Eat-in 19.50 / TakeAway 15.-)


Soup 2dl: Peas, Spinach, Courgettes & Mint   (7.-)

Soup 3dl with a Selection of Cheeses from the Maison du Fromage Sterchi  (15.-)